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Norbord is an international manufacturer of wood-based panels. The company wanted to ensure that it met NFPA-652 2016 standards for risk analysis and management of combustible and explosive dusts. BBA was mandated to perform audits at 11 Norbord plants in Canada and the United States to assess explosion and deflagration risks, and to propose solutions and safeguards against these risks.

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  • Client Norbord
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA experts performed an extensive risk analysis of combustible dusts using cutting-edge methods and technologies. As part of an exhaustive plan including a technical and regulatory review, mitigation measures and an investment cost analysis, the team provided the client with a clear understanding of the risks that had to be addressed and possible solutions to ensure employee safety and their company’s sustainability.

    The BBA team performed a risk analysis of combustible dust (NFPA-652 2016 standard), a design review of deflagration venting (NFPA-68 2013 standard) and a review of client programs and procedures.

    • Supported dust samplin
    • Provided detailed design based on PBD performance
    • Validated regulatory equipment compliance
    • Optimized explosion safeguards
    • Implemented mitigation measures and concentration control strategies
    • Provided power system grounding and bonding
    • Established limited and restricted access
    • Installed detection and redirection devices
    • Introduced flameless discharge systems
    • Performed optimization study of the electrical classification
  1. Our method and personalized approach provided the client with optimized solutions to reduce project costs. Our turnkey action plan provided the company with a plan to prioritize solutions and continually improve worker safety.
    Francis Casavant, Engineer and Project Leader
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