Impact study of NERC's clean power plan on the North American power system

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Project Page Hero Impact study of NER Cs clean power plan

In 2015, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the regulatory body that oversees the reliability of power generation and transmission across North America, wanted to understand what impact the new plan would have on the North American power system, which was serving 334 million people at the time. The plan proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency involved replacing numerous coal-fired power plants with renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power.

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  • Client North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA presented its findings to NERC on time and on budget, while factoring in close to 9,000 generators and 75,000 bus bars. BBA performed the following major work:

    • Integrity checks on the massive North American power flow model
    • Power flow simulations for selected scenarios (from 2015 to 2030)
    • Established potential timeframes for gradual replacement of coal-fired power plants by renewable power generation sites in more appropriate locations
    • Identification of reactive power shortcomings and needs to strengthen transmission links once clean energy sources replace coal-fired plants
    • Map creation of the North American power grid indicating additions and power exchanges at the regional level
    • Assessment of the timelines required to add various types of cleaner energy generation facilities, from the prefeasibility study phase to commissioning
  1. The fact that NERC entrusted us with a project of this scope stands as witness to our firm’s enviable reputation in electrical expertise on the North American market.
    Ali Moshref, Electrical Expert, BBA
    • 334 million Power system serving 334 million people
    • 9,000 generators
    • 75,000 bus bars
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