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An IT leader mandated BBA to expand and upgrade a data centre that houses many mission-critical clients.

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  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA IT experts designed a master plan to ensure the data centre’s long-term performance. The plan included detailed mechanical and electrical engineering work to switch the centre from three to six rotary uninterruptible power systems and from three to six 1,000 kVA generator sets. The mandate included installing a SCADA system and optimizing the centre’s protection systems up to the 25 kV input lines to meet client security and selectivity goals.

    • Added three 1,000 kVA generator sets
    • Installed a SCADA system
    • Increased rotary uninterruptable power supply
    • Corrected anomalies and increased the centre’s redundancy to meet the standards and requirements of prospective clients
    • Converted all the data centre auxiliary services from a three-phase, four-wire network to a three-phase, three-wire network using a high-resistance grounded neutral
    • Provided technical support and project delivery in mechanical and electrical engineering supporting the centre’s long-term performance
  1. BBA’s work allowed the client to enhance the data centre’s reliability and availability and double its storage capacity without adding floor space.
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