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Beaver Creek is a community near the Alaska-Yukon border with approximately 100 people. Home to the White River First Nation, Beaver Creek is an off-grid community that relies on diesel fuel to power and heat the community. In collaboration with 3EYOND, BBA is supporting the Copper Niisüü Limited Partnership (CNLP) in designing and building a 1.9 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant with a 4 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS), which will help power the Beaver Creek community.

  • Region Northern Canada
  • Client Copper Niisüü Limited Partnership
  1. Our experts' solutions 

    The purpose of this project is to reduce reliance on diesel, lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and provide a stable source of income to the CNLP. This project will even turn the CNLP into power providers; ATCO has committed to purchasing the excess energy for 30 years.

    BBA worked with 3EYOND to help prepare the feasibility study, including PV capacity and battery optimization, and worked as a team to negotiate an Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) with ATCO Yukon. The firm is also providing detailed engineering design services, from feasibility design to commissioning and project close-out, leading the commissioning and start-up activities and serving as the owner’s engineer during the procurement and construction phases.

    BBA smoothly navigated continuous changes with federal grants and provided consistent support throughout the project while helping optimize the design, maximize revenue for the CNLP as an independent power producer and minimize GHG reduction costs.

    Due to the northern climate, the project design also incorporated permafrost protection and strategic panel arrangement to enhance daily generation in colder conditions. In the end, the feasibility study demonstrated that the 1.9 MW solar power plant with a 4MWh BESS would reduce the community’s annual diesel consumption by 55%.

    • $15M project value
    • 55% reduction in the community’s annual diesel consumption
    • 30 years of projected sustainable income and manageable maintenance
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