Arc flash studies in 62 power plants and assessment tools

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Project Page Hero Arc flash 62 power plants

Hydro-Québec Production wanted to perform an arc flash hazard assessment in electrical facilities (AC and DC) for 62 power plants. This project was part of an initiative to ensure the safety of personnel working near electrical facilities and to comply with ULC-S801 and CSA Z462 standards.

  • Region Eastern Canada
  • Client Hydro-Québec
  1. Our experts' solutions

    Because Hydro-Québec requires a high degree of accuracy, BBA worked closely with the client to produce a calculation method that included the decay effect of generator sets during a fault.

    BBA used ETAP software for this mandate, so, as a result, our experts trained Hydro-Québec staff to use it.

    • Proposed a methodology to assess the incident energy that included the fault current decay of generator sets.
    • Performed a short-circuit study and determined protection settings on high-, medium- and low-voltage facilities to assess arc duration.
    • Performed an arc flash hazard analysis with existing protection settings.
    • Developed risk analysis tables showing the settings prescribed by the standards for each work location (limit perimeter, work distances and thermal resistance of personal protective equipment).
  1. In addition to bolstering the safety of Hydro-Québec Production workers during this mandate, we had the opportunity to train them and provide technical support to study engineers to ensure their autonomy in assessing arc flash hazards in electrical facilities.
    Joël Sourceaux, Expert, Power Systems Studies, BBA
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