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Energy storage

Thanks to modern energy storage technology, it is now possible to overcome the challenges associated with the intermittent nature of many renewables and optimally integrate them to the energy mix. This allows us to benefit from reliable and eco-responsible systems by reducing fluctuations in power supply.

More and more, industries are turning to storage solutions to efficiently manage their electricity consumption. Others capitalize on promising business opportunities by participating in ever-evolving ancillary service markets.

Your challenges are complex…

When dealing with power management, systems operators face the daunting challenge of ensuring the utmost precision in order to maintain supply-demand adequacy—and the challenge is even greater when it comes to mitigating green energy fluctuations that occur exponentially.

Your challenges:

  • Integrate renewable energy without affecting operational stability and reliability
  • Identify sources of revenue and reduce operating costs
  • Select storage technology that’s adapted to your needs

Our team can help!

Energy storage is a very promising option, but assessing its true profitability and long-term potential is no easy task. Thanks to our unique detailed revenue prediction model, our experts can optimize financial performance based on your consumption profile.

Our solutions:

  • Assess the profitability of your project
  • Optimize your electricity bill
  • Select the type and size of storage technology needed
  • Integrate the solution into your existing facilities


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