2,000+ MW commissioned

by BBA over the past 20 years

Wind and solar power

Reducing carbon emissions is an undeniable global trend. Governments are setting ambitious decarbonization targets, giving way to large wind and solar power procurement programs from electrical utilities. As a heavily regulated industry, the electricity market has been one of the first to face a fundamental transformation.

Private corporations haven’t just been watching from the sidelines. Many have already started setting purposeful goals, such as consuming 100% renewables. Going green is no longer an exclusively environmental decision; it’s a smart economic move.

Your challenges are complex…

Each of your projects must be carefully planned out—above all, you want to avoid committing a significant amount of your development budget to a fatally flawed project. Bear in mind that it must also comply with continuously evolving environmental regulations and meet social acceptability expectations.

From planning to operation, your project must be perfectly executed and cost-effective.

Your challenges:

  • Accurately assess financial, environmental and interconnection factors
  • Obtain permits and certificates of authorization
  • Create a reliable, innovative and environmentally-friendly design
  • Keep your construction and production costs in check
  • Extend the life of your assets

Our team can help!

Our experts are renowned for carrying out successful wind and solar power projects, whether they’re being interconnected on-grid or integrated off-grid. Our leading expertise in power systems is undeniably one of our standout differentiators.

Our presence in the field helps us better understand how to offer our clients tailored, on-point solutions, from front end to back end. Trust our team to be your single point of contact and get it right the first time.

Our solutions :

  • Development and risk mitigation consulting
  • Technical, financial, environmental and interconnection studies
  • Optimized design and project delivery
  • End-to-end testing and commissioning
  • Permitting, environmental monitoring and implementation of mitigation measures
  • Performance, reliability and compliance assessment


Across the country, our experts can
help you tackle your greatest challenges.