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Hydroelectric Power

Several Canadian provinces rely on hydroelectricity—a clean, low-cost energy source with a strong competitive advantage. Many hydroelectric facilities are reaching the age of refurbishment, and significant investments are being made to continue reaping the benefits of these infrastructures. New technologies and advanced financial mechanisms at various levels in the hydropower sector offer remarkable opportunities to increase project benefits.  

Though the number of new hydropower projects in Canada has decreased over time, they’ve continued to emerge across the country. Around the world, hydropower development is growing exponentially and Canadian expertise is incredibly valuable in supporting this growth.

Your challenges are complex…

You want to maximize the life of your hydropower plants and maintain their use. In doing so, you must identify and build the right financial case to justify significant upgrades or even reconstruction. However, you also want to ensure that your facilities meet the highest technical and environmental standards to renew or maintain your operating licence.

When optimizing your facilities or starting a new hydropower project, you want to benefit from advanced technologies to increase your power generation capacity.

Your challenges:

  • Extend the life of your facilities while managing risks
  • Ensure technical and financial feasibility
  • Foster design and solutions focused on the constructibility and optimization of your hydropower projects
  • Take advantage of new technologies
  • Increase your production capacity
  • Manage cybersecurity
  • Manage your assets throughout their lifecycle

Our team can help!

Owners, operators and developers trust the experts at BBA with hydropower projects of all sizes, whether they’re looking to optimize existing facilities or build new ones. We also maintain strong relationships with contractors and manufacturers in the hydropower industry.

Our presence in the field at each stage of your project, from studies to detailed engineering and commissioning, enables us to propose solutions that are adapted to your challenges and objectives.

Our solutions:

  • Environmental impact assessments and relationships with stakeholders
  • Feasibility studies and detailed design for new hydro and reconstruction
  • New and refurbished penstocks
  • New and refurbished turbine-generator sets
  • Specialized studies in capacity increase
  • Compliance and performance testing
  • Hydraulic modelling and design including penstocks, canals, water intakes, dams and power plants
  • Dam safety
  • Mechanical and electrical auxiliaries (BOP)
  • High- and medium-voltage electrical design
  • Protection and control
  • Construction supervision, procurement, testing and commissioning


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