Iron ore and steelmaking

Iron, one of the most common metals in the world, is used to create various types of steel. Despite significant demand, competition and fluctuating metal prices are putting great pressure on iron ore producers. Now more than ever, producers must constantly strive to optimize their processes to achieve sufficient profit margins.

Your challenges are complex…

Because iron ore is a high-tonnage metal, process optimization and tailings management are key components of a successful operation. Extraction, crushing, grinding, enrichment, transport— the entire iron ore value chain must be gone over with a fine-tooth comb to identify opportunities for improvement.

Your challenges:

  • Support your decisions with reliable technical, economic and environmental feasibility studies
  • Optimize your facilities
  • Implement efficient bulk material handling
  • Adequately manage tailings and contaminants

Our team can help!

From feasibility studies and plant operations to process drawings and commissioning, BBA is involved in every stage of your project.

Our experts can design and optimize your facilities and equipment, including your handling and processing infrastructures, as well as the piping systems that transport pulp and tailings.

Thanks to our expertise in waste management, we’re also able to innovate cutting-edge strategies to process high volume tailings.

Our solutions:

  • Mineral resource and mineral reserve estimates and audits
  • Front-end studies and consulting (from scoping to feasibility studies)
  • Environmental and socio-economic impact studies
  • National Instrument 43-101 technical reports
  • Mining engineering
  • Metallurgical process design and flowsheet fevelopment
  • Material handling and transport
  • Multi-disciplinary facility and plant design
  • Design, assessment and optimization of power systems
  • Automation, process control and telecommunications
  • Water and tailings management
  • Operations optimization and support


Across the country, our experts can
help you tackle your greatest challenges.