Upstream and midstream

Hydrocarbons play a key role in meeting our global energy needs. Canadian businesses that offer upstream services in the oil sector face significant pressures: major investments and energy consumption. Additionally, aging equipment must meet increasingly high safety and environmental compliance standards and requirements.

To ensure reliable and safe operations, industries must continuously revise and optimize their processes.

Your challenges are complex…

Your profitability depends on your capacity to improve facilities and increase efficiency. You need to assess and optimize equipment to guarantee reliability and compliance, while ensuring worker safety.

You must also reduce your environmental impact, whether by lowering CO2 emissions, restoring the soil affected by your activities or preserving biodiversity.

Your challenges:

  • Optimize your processes and reduce energy consumption
  • Manage risks from incidents and accidental failures
  • Protect from cyberattacks
  • Increase operational safety and security
  • Implement automation, advanced control and telecommunications solutions
  • Ensure worker safety

Our team can help!

Our team of experienced experts from all disciplines—mechanical, civil, electrical, automation, industrial IT and telecommunications—can carry out all phases of your optimization project, from studies and detailed engineering to commissioning.

We can conduct both technical and environmental audits, or plan maintenance based on your needs. We’ll help clarify the vast technological solutions available on the market.

Our solutions:

  • Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA)
  • Incident prevention and response plan
  • Operator training and commissioning
  • Cybersecurity and alarm management
  • Control, automation and telecommunications solutions
  • Environmental monitoring and reports
  • Power interconnection studies and design
  • Cold weather design


Across the country, our experts can
help you tackle your greatest challenges.