Fuel storage and transport

A good number of industrial companies use fuel to power their facilities. Using fuel goes hand in hand with the storage and transport of a highly flammable material, thereby increasing associated risks for people and assets alike.

To adequately manage risks and ensure business continuity, fuel systems must be designed and maintained in accordance with current standards and storage procedures—both of which are very strict.

Your challenges are complex…

When it comes to fuel storage and transport, there can be no compromises. You must ensure that your facilities comply with regulations, while equipping yourself with the tools to follow proven emergency procedures. After all, worker safety and proper business operations are at stake.

Your challenges:

  • Get a clear picture of the risks associated with your fuel storage methods.
  • Mitigate risks by setting up a risk management plan.
  • Implement emergency response procedures.
  • Optimize your fuel distribution network in accordance with standards and best practices.

Our team can help!

Our extensive expertise in the oil and energy sectors, as well as our impressive operational safety and automation roadmap, make BBA a partner of choice to optimize the safety of your fuel storage and transport facilities.

We use a rigorous methodology to verify installation compliance. If an incident occurs, our procedural experts can serve as independent investigators to determine the cause and get you the answers you need.

Our solutions :

  • Compliance audit and risk analysis
  • Cost estimate and implementation of an improvement plan
  • Emergency procedures and response plans
  • Implementation of advanced control strategies, particularly for alarm and security system management
  • Detailed engineering of improvement projects
  • Personnel training and coaching


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