Biofuels, waste and recycling

Once considered worthless, industrial waste is now perceived differently. Thanks to innovation, we can now give it a new life and turn it into precious, useful material, while preserving natural resources.

Across Canada, industrial companies are constantly pushing the boundaries to review how they manage waste and reduce their environmental footprint, thus benefitting everyone.

Your challenges are complex…

To ensure your project’s success, you have to select technology that maximizes investment value and is supported by reliable studies. This can help you convince granting agencies of the merit and seriousness of your unique and innovative approach.

Your challenges:

  • Demonstrate project feasibility to granting agencies
  • Address commercial and technological issues inherent to the project
  • Respect environmental requirements
  • Obtain the best cost-benefit ratio

Our team can help!

Combining extensive experience in the oil and chemicals industry with cutting-edge environmental expertise, BBA team members support you from studies to facility commissioning, and beyond!

Our multidisciplinary teams are in the field and are recognized for their ability to deliver streamlined projects.

Our solutions:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Impact assessments and environmental monitoring
  • Pilot project execution
  • Design and commissioning
  • Operational support


Across the country, our experts can
help you tackle your greatest challenges.