Industry 4.0 Audit Program: Certified BBA experts to support Québec businesses

Industry 4.0 Audit Program: Certified BBA experts to support Québec businesses

Mont-Saint-Hilaire, August 6, 2020 – BBA is pleased to announce that members of its Automation, Telecommunications and Industrial IT (ATI) team have recently been certified as auditors by the Québec government for the Industry 4.0 Audit Program. They are Pierre Boucher and Christine Laprise, engineers, and Julie Lessard, business analyst.

After an audit, the client company will be able to count on over 150 engineers and technicians from BBA’s ATI team to support them in selecting and implementing new technologies that will meet their business needs and ensure the success of their digital shift.

The program

The government Industry 4.0 Audit Program is intended to encourage Québec businesses to begin a digital shift by performing diagnostics, creating a digital plan and then developing a structured approach to choose solutions and plan change management. Investissement Québec manages the program and is a Québec government agent that certifies auditors.

The certification process

To become certified, candidates must first submit their file to the selection committee. Selected candidates must then take training on the Industry 4.0 Audit Program. After certification, auditors are authorized to assist clients in initiating an audit that is eligible for provincial grants.

To learn more about the Industry 4.0 Audit Program: [French only]

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