System Operators

Our quality of life and economy depend on the power grid, and system operators are tasked with making sure it's managed properly. With the recent push to decarbonize the energy market and the rapid development of new technologies, it has become particularly challenging to keep the grid secure and reliable, while also ensuring that power is efficiently supplied to consumers and facilitating energy sales. As we reach a critical point in which the industry is largely shifting to digital and sustainable solutions, establishing stringent standards is more important than ever.

System Operators

  1. Your challenges
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      Managing system interties

      In addition to making sure the grid is always balanced and facilitating energy exchanges, you've got to take into account important factors such as cost management, transmission and distribution capacities, and load fluctuations, especially now that energy sources are increasingly intermittent and hard to plan for.

      When you introduce changes to the grid—such as to integrate intermittent renewable energy or new storage technologies—it's important to have clear and effective interconnection strategies and regulations. To obtain accurate models, you need electrical grid studies based on reliable data verified in the field and measured using state-of-the-art equipment.

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      Overcoming digital transformation and cybersecurity challenges

      To manage the entire power grid in real time, you've got to increase your monitoring and planning efforts, a task that involves collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data from various jurisdictions. A number of other digital solutions, including automation, data managers, predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence, can help you improve process performance and safety.

      These technologies can be very helpful, but they can also pose cybersecurity threats. That's why you need a plan that's tailored to your operations and will protect your infrastructure and data integrity.

  2. Our approach
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      BBA's approach as a consultant and independent third party

      Over the past 40 years, BBA has made a name for itself by offering in-depth knowledge of applicable standards and regulatory requirements, along with a comprehensive range of electrical grid studies. Our team uses the industry's most advanced software and tools to provide technology solutions backed by extensive practical experience.

      We can help you manage costs, modernize your facilities and invest in the most reliable equipment. Our experts can also act as independent third parties to review your project designs.

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