You’ll be part of the solution!

We have complete confidence in our employees and feel comfortable entrusting them with mandates that push their limits, both at the office and on site. Join BBA, and watch your ideas transform into concrete solutions.

You’ll learn from others!

As Newton said, “When two forces unite, their efficiency doubles!” At BBA, several generations combine their expertise to find the best possible solutions on the first try. More experienced members share their know-how, while our recruits bring energy and vitality to each of our projects.

You’ll work hard…while having fun!

We’re proud to have engaged employees who build strong relationships with colleagues. Across Canada, women and men from different cultures create a diversity that enriches conversations and stimulates innovation. Join us and enjoy a friendly work environment that offers a good balance between work and family life.

You’ll work in a cutting-edge environment!

We believe it’s essential to offer employees an environment that encourages collaboration, provides a place to relax and fosters an active lifestyle. Our offices were renovated in 2018, are eco-friendly and provide the latest technology.