03 mars, 2021

Webinaire sur la méthodologie d'évaluation du cyber risque dans l'environnement des systèmes de contrôle industriel (SCI)

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Many operators are not prepared for the changing cyber threats commonly encountered today. Unlike IT systems that can be easily refreshed and patched, industrial control system (ICS) assets face other unique challenges and solutions. Assessments for cyber risks of enterprise IT environments are relatively mature and many industry standards can be used. Unfortunately, cyber risk assessments for ICS environments are still far from maturity. Many companies are unfamiliar with the cyber-related vulnerabilities, threats and risks to their field operations.

  1. IACS cybersecurity risk methodology

    BBA received funding from NRCan’s Canada Cyber Security and Critical Energy Infrastructure Program (CCEIP) to develop a risk methodology for ICS environments.

    By establishing a methodology that helps identify and evaluate ICS cyber risks, we provide a supplement for companies to use in addition to established processes and methodologies that help control cyber risks of enterprise IT environments. This will assist companies with better visibility, awareness and protection on rising cyber risks that are threatening their operational environment.

    Download our report to learn more.

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