• Acquisition
  • biofilia inc.
  • Acquisition Date 01/2018

BBA is proud to announce the acquisition of the Québec firm Biofilia, an environmental leader that has dedicated over 20 years to enhancing and conserving natural resources and ecosystems.

  1. Biofilia services

      • Environmental impact assessments
      • Surveys of aquatic environments (scientific fishery, lake diagnosis, water quality, phosphorus balance)
      • Surveys of terrestrial environments (vegetation, soil, mammals, avifauna, micro-mammals, herpetofauna, Chiroptera-Anabat).
      • Surveys of vulnerable plant and wildlife species (threatened, vulnerable or likely to be).
      • Hydrological and hydrogeological surveys
      • Acoustic and noise studies
      • Atmospheric pollutant dispersion studies
      • Visual studies and simulations
      • with the various municipal, provincial and federal authorities
      • for mining, hydroelectricity, wind power, gas and oil projects, quarries and sandpits, roads, etc.
      • Environmental characterization and land-use analysis
      • High water and aquatic delineation (watercourses, lakes and wetlands)
      • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (contaminated sites)
      • Land conservation and development plans
      • Plans and specifications for habitat restoration
      • Plans and specifications for erosion control and bank stabilization
      • Geomatics ands cartography
  1. On-board biologists working with our engineers giving new meaning to environmental consulting
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