At the Heart of It All, We Put People First

  1. At BBA, we believe successful business transformation arises from the varied expertise and points of view of a diverse and creative team. By sharing and pooling our knowledge, we empower each other. Our teams are composed of motivated and engaged employees from a range of technical, organizational, generational, cultural and gender diverse backgrounds. We foster a shared and inclusive space, leveraging diversity to incorporate new ideas and work methods.

  2. Being able to perceive issues and opportunities differently is a major asset, especially for a consulting engineering firm whose strength relies on its ability to innovate. At BBA, our projects are richer for the different points of view our people have, be they technical, organizational, generational, cultural or otherwise. It's simple: together, we're better.

  3. Putting people first is a priority in everything we do. We show how we care about the safety and wellness of our employees, our clients and the public, as well as the environment.
  1. BBA takes pride in developing tomorrow’s talent by empowering people with the knowledge, technology and skills necessary for a better future. We promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone by:

    • supporting STEM programs in schools across the country.
    • sponsoring student scholarships and backing engineering competitions.
    • actively participating in projects that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in early childhood.

    We also support our employees in achieving their full potential by investing in talent development. Focused on collaboration and knowledge sharing, we motivate our experienced professionals to share their vision, rigour and know-how while our recruits bring energy, innovation and vitality to each of our projects. Through our leadership program, we also aim to propel the career of our employees and identify high-potential candidates from the next generation of leaders across four main areas: Talent Management, Business Development, Technical Expertise and Business Management.

    As part of this commitment, we also believe in forging meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. We solicitate their input when we carry out projects on their ancestral lands and traditional territories, and we continually strive to strengthen these important relationships and partnerships by building trust. Including Indigenous knowledge in our projects is a crucial factor in developing our path towards sustainability.

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