BBA Logo and Description

  1. See beyond

    BBA is a firm that delivers innovative and clever solutions thanks to its team of talented engineers and professionals who unlock the potential of natural resources. The idea behind the logo takes its inspiration from this approach; the BBA logo frees the shapes already present in the letters forming the firm’s name. The stylized and simplified shapes can now be found throughout the firm’s graphic universe.

  2. Logo use

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      Before using the BBA logo, please become familiar with the logo guidebook available here.

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  4. Corporate description

    Please use the following description of BBA for press releases or any other communications. All communications mentioning BBA must be approved by the Marketing and Communications department.

    BBA has been providing a wide range of consulting engineering services for over 40 years. Business strategy, engineering, environment and commissioning experts team up to quickly and accurately pinpoint the needs of industrial and institutional clients. Known for its innovative, sustainable and reliable solutions, the firm’s expertise is recognized in the energy and natural resources industry. BBA has 18 offices across Canada and abroad (Chile), offering clients local support and increased field presence.