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Jorge Torrealba, Jr. Eng.

Jorge Torrealba, Jr. Eng.
Ph. D, Metallurgist

I joined BBA in 2005.  As soon as I started, I was part of a multidisciplinary team that allowed me to apply my knowledge as research metallurgist.


During these 3 years at BBA, I have been involved in several projects such as: conceptual studies, process optimization, flowsheet development, testwork recommendation, feasibility studies and detailed engineering.


Characteristics that I found that make BBA unique:


BBA encourages the participation in seminars and congresses. This is very important to receive the latest technologies and to develop a network of contacts.


The team work ambient is excellent.


The interactions between senior and junior engineers are dynamic.


BBA gives me the opportunity to develop my career in several directions (management, technical expert, coaching, etc.).


In summary I selected BBA because it is a very dynamic and proactive company. Every project introduces new challenges and BBA has a dynamic team that reacts to them!

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