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Specialized publications

Technical Papers

How well do you know your stator winding?
By Mario Dumouchel, P.Eng.
BBA, April 2018



Industrie 4.0 ou une nouvelle vague en milieu industriel. (french only)
By Michel Ruel, ing.
Ressources Mines et Industrie, Vol. 4, No. 1



Connaissez-vous votre bobinage stator? (french only)
By Mario Dumouchel, ing.
BBA, avril 2018



La correction du facteur de puissance : se conformer ou payer pour de la puissance inutile? (french only)
By Éric Breault, P.Eng., BBA
With the collaboration of Maurice Brisson, P.Eng., BBA
Électricité Québec, September-Octobrer 2017



The Benefits of Witnessing Electrical Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)
By Maurice Brisson, P.Eng.
BBA, December 2017



Commissioning and Maintenance of Electrical Distribution Equipment: Which Approach to Adopt?
By Dominic Dubreuil, P.Eng.
BBA, December 2017



Revisiting Electrical Energy Saving Initiatives for Industrial Facilities
By Amélie Morissette, P.Eng. and Aaron McLoughlan
BBA, October 2017



Les technologies des opérations et leurs défis (French only)
By Michel Ruel, P. Eng., and Alexandre Paris, BBA
Ressources Mines et Industrie, Vol. 4, No. 1



Systèmes de contrôle (French only)
By Michel Ruel, P. Eng., BBA
Ressources Mines et Industrie, Vol. 3, No. 5



Arc Flash Hazards on Direct Current (DC) Systems
By Daniel Lebeau, P.Eng.
BBA, July 2017



Submerged Gas Jet Penetration: A Study of Bubbling Versus Jetting and Side Versus Bottom Blowing in Copper Bath Smelting
By Joël Kapusta, P. Eng., Ph.D., BBA
Journal of Metals, Vol. 69, No. 6



Simulation en conception et exploitation minière (French only)
By Michel Ruel, P. Eng. and Carole Prévost, P. Eng., Ph.D., BBA
Ressources Mines et Industries, Vol. 3, No. 6



The Challenge of Refurbishing Hydroelectric Generating Stations

By Jean Lemire, P. Eng.
BBA, March 2017 



Au secours de l’amélioration du cycle de production (French only)
By Michel Ruel et Denis Létourneau
Ressources Mines et Industrie, vol. 3, no. 4



Get the Benefit from Control Systems
Par Michel Ruel, P. Eng.
Copper Worldwide, vol. 7, January/February 2017



Analysis of Selection Criteria for Data Centre Sites: The Case of Québec
By Yves Bétournay, P. Eng., ATD
BBA, March 2017 



Enerkem Alberta Biofuels: Clean Energy from Non-Recyclable Waste
Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards – 2016 Natural Resources, Mining, Industry & Energy Category
Award-winning project in its category and recipient of the prestigious “Tree for Life Award”, which recognizes projects that stand out for their environmental stewardship.




Optimisation du transbordement de minerai dans un terminal portuaire
By Yves Froment and Michel Ruel
Ressources Mines et Industrie, vol. 3, no. 3



Understanding and Managing Risk in Power Production: A Roadmap to Significant Cost Savings
By Nicholas Allen, Daniel Côté and Jean-Philippe Castonguay
Risk and Resilience, November 2016 



Comminution and Metallurgical Testwork Program Approach for Successful Project Design
By J. Torrealba-Vargas, S. Girgin, R. Esteban, and D. Runnels
IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings, September 2016



Mine to Mill Approach to Optimize Power Consumption in a Process Plant Operation by Modelling and Simulation 
By J. Torrealba-Vargas, Ricardo Esteban, Daniel Roy, and D. Runnels
IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings, September 2016



Off-Grid Power Systems: Using the Adaptative Power Setpoint to Integrate Several Power Sources
By Stephan Landry, P.Eng.
BBA, September 2016



Application of Dynamic Modelling for Brownfield Process Simulation
By Par Ali Soltanzadeh, Benjamin Légaré and Michel Ruel
IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings, September 2016



Calibration of a Dynamic Model for Industrial Comminution Circuit
By Benjamin Legaré (BBA), Jocelyn Bouchard, Anthony Clapperton, Eric Poulin, and Jaime Cristobal Rojas-Montes
IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings, September 2016



Linking Flotation Metallurgical Performance to Bubble Size
By Jose Hernandez, Ph.D., BBA
IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings, September 2016



How to Benefit from your Control Systems
By Michel Ruel, P.Eng., BBA
Keynote presentation and the XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress, September 2016



Using Synergy Between Cyanide, Oxygen, and Lead Nitrate to Improve Extraction and Reduce Opex / Capex in the Processing of Sulphide-Bearing Gold Ores
By Guy Deschênes, P.Eng., BBA
IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings, September 2016



Alarm Management: Knowing Whether Your Operators Are in Control
By Marc Tardif, Technologist
BBA, May 2016



High-Level Evaluation of Transmission Line Parameters and Energy Cost for Industrial Loads in Remote Locations
By Éric Breault, P.Eng. and Maurice Brisson, P.Eng., M.A. Sc.
BBA, May 2016



District Heating: Steam System Optimization or Hot Water Conversion?
By Réal Olivier
BBA, March 2016



The Successful Development of the Detour Lake Grinding Circuit: from Testwork to Production

By J. Torrealba-Vargas, J.-F. Dupont,J. McMullen, A. Allaire and R. Welyhorsky

6th International Conference on Semi-Autogenous and High Pressure Grinding Technology (SAG Conference 2015), September 2015



Advance Data Handling to Support Modeling and Simulations in Mineral Processing Plant Optimization

By J. Torrealba-Vargas, R. Esteban, D. Runnels and G. Couture

54th annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2015), August 2015



Underground Stope Drill & Blast Designs Optimisation Program
By D. Roy, T. Williams and C. Preston
11th International Symposium of Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, August 2015 



Adoption of High Oxygen Bottom Blowing in Copper Matte Smelting:
Why is it Taking so Long?

By Joël P.T. Kapusta, François Larouche, and Enzo Palumbo
Conference of Metallurgists, August 2015 



Grinding Mill Drive Systems
By Jose De Andrade
BBA, June 2015



Savings Achieved by Recovering Heat From Industrial Natural Gas Boilers
By Réal Olivier
BBA, June 2015



Energy Consumption in Copper Smelting: A New Asian Horse in the Race

By P. Coursol, P. J. Mackey, J. P. T. Kapusta, N. Cardona Valencia
JOM, May 2015Volume 67, Issue 5, pp 1066-1074



Potential Economic and Operational Benefits and Impacts of Trolley Assist in Open Pit Mining
By Daniel Janusauskas, Detour Gold Corp., Isabelle Leblanc, BBA, and Jean-François St-Onge, BBA
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Conference (CIM), May 2015



Implementation of a flotation expert control system at the Raglan Mine
By Geneviève Couture and Jean-François Dubé
CMP Conference, January 2015



A Review of Gas Dispersion Studies in Flotation Plants
By Julie Fournier, Colin Hardie, Jorge Torrealba, Jan E. Nesset
CMP Conference, January 2015



Tonnage control under Maximum and Instantaneous Power Constraints
By Serge Naud
BBA, 2014



Sonic Injection Into a PGM Peirce-Smith Converter: CFD Modelling and Industrial Trials
By Chibwe, D., Akdogan, G., Bezuidenhout, G., Kapusta, J., Bradshaw, S., and Eksteen, J.
The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Pyrometallurgical Modelling Conference, August 2014



Detour Lake Gold Mine Project
BBA, April 2013
Project submitted to the 2013 Ontario Region Steel Design Awards



Fuzzy logic control: A successful example
By Michel Ruel
Automining Conference, 2012


A Study of Collector System Grounding Design with Type-4 Wind Turbines at the Le Plateau Wind Power Plant in Canada
By Jean-Nicolas Paquin, Igor Jaskulski, Jair Cassoli, Martin Fecteau et Charles Murray
Wind Integration Workshop, October 2011



Start-Ups Do Not Have To Be Difficult
By Michel Ruel
ISA Automation Week, October 2011




How to Combat Process Disturbances and Interactions
By Henri A. (Hank) Brittain et Jean-François Dubé
ISA Automation Week, October 2011




Closed Loop Tuning VS Open Loop Tuning: Tuning all your loops while the process is running is now possible
By Michel Ruel
Qc Paptac, February 2010




Tracking Performance After Optimizing a Deinked Plant
By Michel Ruel
Qc Paptac, February 2010



Best Practices for Managing Control Loop Performance - Roadmap to success
By Chris McNabb and Michel Ruel
Qc Paptac, February 2009



Identification of Excessive Harmonic Flow in Large Industrial Loads
By C. Todde, M. Brisson, M. Audet, J. Tessier et D.T. McGillis
Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2000





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AQME, mars 2008


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