Can you imagine a control center designed to ensure that you and your people receive only the information relevant to you? It exists, and it’s called Sol-OT: a solution for operational technology.


BBA supplies and implements this solution, whose modularity and flexibility are sure to meet your needs. Sol-OT modules are designed to segregate and consolidate data into useable information, allowing you to capitalize on it in real time and make the right decision at the most critical juncture. There’s no longer any need to extract and manipulate data—instead, you’ll be able to perform added-value work. Take advantage of our expertise in asset management solutions to leverage your operations!


Our experts work closely in a multidisciplinary setting with other BBA expertise units in Automation, Telecommunications and Industrial Networks, and Optimization and Advanced Control to provide our clients with an exceptional range of services and unrivalled knowledge.


Downtime management

  • Automatic event detection
  • Root cause designation and recording
  • Events manager (add, modify, delete, split, merge)
  • Analysis and reporting

Operational reporting

  • Running equipment and process statistics
  • Reset feature
  • Comment records

Operator log sheets

  • Checklist
  • Process data tracking
  • Manual data entry
  • Supervisor approval
  • Comments and instructions recording

Abnormal operational state

  • Detection of abnormal modes
  • Loop efficiency tracking
  • List of bypassed interlocks

General features

  • Asset and time period filtering
  • Color and symbol coding
  • Print and expor


  • Suite of independent modules
  • Meets customer requirements: What you need is what you get (WYNIWYG)
  • Asset management by pre-defined templates


  • 100% integrated with the latest PI System technology
  • No third party required
  • Meets ISA-95 and ISA-88 industrial and automation standards


  • Single web front-end
  • Service architecture
  • OSIsoft technologies:
    • PI Asset Framework (PI AF)
    • PI Event Frames
    • PI Advanced Computing Engine (PI ACE)


  • Single sign-in
  • Integrated Windows authentication
  • User-based modules and features access management