Pulp and Paper

BBA has earned the trust of its pulp and paper clients for its expertise in automation and electrical and mechanical engineering. We provide a complete range of engineering services for projects of all scopes and sizes, from the initial project definition to final implementation.


We have carried out a multitude of projects in several sectors: 

  • Sawmills and processing plants
  • Lumber yards
  • Pulp making
  • Pulp washing and bleaching
  • Pulp bales
  • Thermal and cogeneration plants
  • Water and effluent treatment
  • Paper machines


Electrical Engineering

  • Master plans: investment, upgrading and renovation of electrical systems
  • Cogeneration
  • Study of electrical systems
  • Incident analyses
  • Energy measurements
  • Electrical distribution systems for pulp and paper plants, lumber yards and shredders


  • Demand management
  • Migration of management systems   
  • Data acquisition and management

 Mechanical Engineering

  • Analysis and design of industrial mechanical components  
  • Critical analysis of refiner shaft failures
  • Analysis of the operational efficiency of equipment
  • Pumping and piping
    • Pumping system capacity analysis
    • Piping sizing and specification
  • Equipment sizing, specification and commissioning
    • Assessment of the performance of existing systems
    • Process optimization
  • Assessment and optimization of the energy performance of industrial applications and power generation
  • Thermal systems
    • Development of thermal system design and assessment methods  
    • Design, simulation, construction and analysis of thermal systems
    • Analysis of thermal system constraints
  • HVAC
  • Energy master plans
  • Environment
    • Treatment of NOx, SOx, VOCs, etc.
    • Filtration/dust control
    • Effluent treatment


The following technical services apply to all project phases: 

  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Technical and economic studies
  • Preliminary and detail engineering
  • Construction drawings and specifications
  • Procurement
  • Site supervision
  • Technical assistance
  • Start-up and commissioning