Industrial Utilities

BBA offers a complete range of specialized utilities services. Our experts are able to advise you regarding the performance of existing equipment and the technological opportunities, thus ensuring an optimal return on your investment.


 Pumping and cooling

  • Hydraulic modeling (mass and thermal balances)
  • Water hammering and transition effect
  • Mechanical and electrical measurement
  • Pumping (series, parallel and variable speed)
  • Auxiliary equipment (exchangers, instrumentation, etc.)


Compression and vacuum technologies

  • Compressed air, inert gas, combustion gas and process gas systems
  • Compression system models and balances (low and high pressure)
  • Distribution networks, performance and compliance audits
  • Compression equipment and operational conditions
  • Filtering, drying, cooling and instrumentation


Thermal power plant - Steam production

  • Modernization and new projects
  • Boiler condition and performance assessment
  • Balance and overall performance analysis
  • Operational strategies and operational alternatives
  • Steam and condensate networks


Ventilation - Process and buldings

  • Audit and air flow analysis
  • Zone analysis
  • Ventilation modeling
  • Dust collection and air make-up
  • Energy optimization



The following technical services apply to all project phases: 

  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Technical and economic studies
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Construction drawings and specifications
  • Procurement
  • Site supervision
  • Start-up and commissioning