The design of every hydropower facility is adapted to its particular environment. Consequently, each has its own technical challenges which require in-depth understanding and hydropower experience. For the past 35 years, owners, operators and developers have called upon BBA to deliver new hydro projects and to maintain, optimize and refurbish existing facilities. We work on hydropower facilities of all sizes, from a few megawatts up to several hundred megawatts of installed capacity, and provide full-package, water-to-wire engineering design solutions to the hydropower industry.


BBA holds extensive expertise in the hydropower sector along with vast knowledge of industry technologies, standards and best practices. Given our strong relationships with trusted contractors, manufacturers and financiers, BBA is a partner of choice for your existing or new hydro projects.


Project Development:

Facilitate, lead and support the development of major capital hydro projects (greenfield and brownfield), from project identification through to the planning, design, construction and commissioning phases.



Watershed modeling for flood analysis and forecasting using digital topography and digital land use maps. Modeling of design storm events over a watershed to estimate probable maximum flood (PMF) and return period floods. Hydrological model development for energy modelling, project financial analysis and environmental impact assessment.


Structural Engineering:

Structural and hydraulic design of tunnels, concrete dams/weirs, spillways, intakes, canals, pipelines, penstocks and powerhouses.


Penstock/Pipeline Design:

Hydraulic and structural design of buried and surface penstocks. Alignment optimization for cut/fill material balance. Hydraulic optimization.


Powerhouse Design:

Sizing, specification and integration of turbines, generators, exciters and governors. Design of P&C systems, electrical and mechanical station services, instrumentation, energy management systems and telecommunications systems.


High- and Medium-Voltage Electrical Design:

Sizing, specification and integration of all medium- and highvoltage equipment, including: buses (IPB, GIS, cable), switchgear, control and protection panels, generator step-up transformers, breakers, etc.


Environmental Services and Stakeholder Engagement:

Preliminary environmental constraints analysis; engagement with First Nations, community stakeholders and regulatory agencies; environmental planning and permitting requirements; terrestrial and aquatic ecological baseline studies; environmental impact assessment; water quality monitoring and environmental management. 


Project Management:

Management and coordination of the entire project design team. Design and implementation of quality management systems, including quality assurance and site supervision.


Construction and Commissioning:

Site management, construction management, procurement, and testing and commissioning of equipment/systems



  • Power grid integration
  • Capacity increase
  • Condition assessments and inspections
  • Energy modeling of run-of-river and storage hydropower projects
  • Finite element analysis (structural, hydraulic, thermal, vibration and electromagnetic studies)
  • Protection and control


  • Owners Engineer
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Water management planning and emergency measures
  • Technical support for Operations (i.e., preventive maintenance and troubleshooting)


Dam Safety: Inspection of dams, stability analysis, dam break analysis and inundation studies to determine the impact of dam failure on important downstream components.


WECC/NERC Generator Testing and Model Validation: Test plan development, field testing, model validation and control system tuning. Performance and stability testing of generating units.


Performance Testing of Hydroelectric Facilities: Performance testing of hydroelectric plants following the IEC 41 guidelines for diagnostic investigations and optimization studies.


Pressure Vessel Inspection: Certified API 510 pressure vessel inspections.