Off-Grid Power Generation

Power plants powered by reciprocating engines are the cornerstone of off-grid applications. The primary objective of power plants in off-grid applications is usually to provide reliable energy for isolated heavy industries or communities. However, that goal must be achieved in as efficient a manner as possible. With more than 20 years of experience in this area, BBA is the leader in off-grid power systems with successful projects spanning the Canadian North and the Caribbean.

BBA’s unique multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive energy optimization and extensive experience allow us to deliver solutions for new power plants or optimize existing installations. We support clients throughout every project phase, from preliminary study and design to construction and commissioning.

Our robust designs reduce our clients’ operating costs while maintaining system reliability.


  • Master plan and trade-off
  • Technical and economic feasibility
  • Energy procurement strategies
  • Protection and coordination
  • Arc flash exposure Voltage regulation
  • Network stability and power flow
  • Harmonics and filters
  • Network integration
  • Due diligence and assessment
  • Grounding, including in permafrost
  • Wind turbine integration
  • Natural gas conversion


  • Modular construction
  • ORC cycle integration
  • LNG integration
  • District heating
  • Solar and wind turbine integration
  • Heat recovery optimization
  • Load sharing systems with remote generators
  • Multidisciplinary commissioning


  • Engine and boiler specifications
  • Heat recovery systems (flue gases and jacket)
  • Cooling systems
  • Ancillary services (HVAC, fuel, compressed air, cooling and combustion systems)
  • Plant layout


  • Prefabricated electrical substations
  • Medium voltage distribution substations
  • Plant distribution systems
  • Emergency systems
  • Medium voltage transmission and distribution lines


  • Power/energy management information and control systems
  • Peak control and load shedding
  • Remote control systems
  • Genset control Synchronization systems
  • Alarm management
  • Advanced regulatory and process control Tuning
    • Burner management systems
    • Pressure vessel
    • Combustion


  • Atmospheric dispersion modeling
  • Management of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
  • Fuel regulation, compliance and management


  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Inspection and supervision
  • Construction management
  • Owner’s engineer


  • Complete equipment commissioning
  • Performance testing
  • Comprehensive process, from preparation of inspection plans to training of client employees
  • Operation and maintenance manuals


  • Owner’s engineer
  • Reliability engineer
  • Troubleshooting of mechanical, electrical and automation systems