Energy Management Systems

Each type of energy presents its own set of challenges. Our multidisciplinary team has an excellent command of each of these areas and can suggest solutions adapted to our clients’ needs. To help them take on the challenges of increased demand and sustainable development, BBA offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of energy management systems, from generation monitoring and energy transportation and distribution to efficient energy use and the reduction of industrial waste emissions. Our exemplary achievements speak to our leading-edge expertise and guarantee that our professionals have the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete projects, from the design phase to commissioning. We advise clients to help them make the best technological choices for the highest return on their investment. Our experts work closely in a multidisciplinary setting with other BBA expertise units in Industrial IT, Telecommunications and Industrial Networks, Optimization and Advanced Control, and Automation to offer our clients an exceptional range of services and unparalleled knowledge.


  • Measurement instruments (electricity, gas, water, emissions, etc.)
  • Architecture, configuration and administration of networks and servers
  • Wired and wireless network infrastructures
  • Computer environment virtualization
  • Rollout of smart grid technologies
  • Remote supervision, metering and control systems
  • Computer security and cyber security
  • Remote management of networks
  • Detection and notification of hardware and software failures
  • System risk and vulnerability analysis


  • IT consulting expertise dedicated to the energy sector
  • Information portal and collaborative work environment
  • Development of customized applications
  • Integration of heterogeneous systems
  • Training and technical support
  • Data mining
  • Performance analysis


  • Architecture design and implementation of integration buses
  • Communication drivers and gateways (ICCP, DNP3, CIM, XML)
  • Standardized communication (DNP3, IEC, ICCP, CIM, XML, OPC)
  • Data exchange and conversion gateways
  • Integration of specialized software interfaces


  • Automatic generation control (AGC)
  • Energy management system (EMS)
  • Active and reactive power control
  • Peak control with rotational load shedding
  • Automatic remote load shedding
  • Remote control system


  • SCADA and HMI
  • Monitoring system (substations, power plants, wind farms, solar power plants and electrical networks)
  • Event and alarm management
  • Dashboard
  • Automated report generation
  • Power generation plant management system
  • Energy management information system (EMIS)
  • Heavy civil works supervision system
  • Power flow calculation


  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Data historian
  • Interfaces with real-time systems
  • Energy management information systems (EMIS) for the industry


  • Assessment of equipment aging and criticality
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment condition (condition-based maintenance)
  • Integration of manual inspection data
  • Optimization of operations and maintenance