Construction Management

BBA’s strength lies in its versatile multidisciplinary teams, resulting in a broad range of services from project definition to execution. The Construction Management team is brought into a project at the initial stages to ensure that plans for construction execution and management optimize costs, schedules and control strategies for successful completion. We adapt our services to the client’s needs and requirements, whatever the company’s size and field and regardless of the mandate’s complexity.


The Construction Management team is responsible for health and safety, planning and supervising all activities at the job site. Team members plan, organize and coordinate construction activities in partnership with all stakeholders, from client to contractor, in order to:

  • Prevent lost-time incidents (zero accidents)
  • Deliver quality construction work
  • Complete projects on time
  • Stay on budget

Depending on project scope, BBA can provide the following management and services:

  • Construction management
  • Job site safety
  • Job site supervision and coordination
  • Contract administration
  • Cost control
  • Planning
  • Estimation


BBA offers cutting-edge expertise to meet our clients’ needs through flexible yet strategic management approaches that deliver real-time project control.