Over 90% alarm drop

in operator overload rate

Automation and industrial technologies (IT/OT)

When it comes to improving operational efficiency, companies tend to base their strategies on automation, industrial IT and operating technologies. Moreover, manufacturers have a significant need for telecommunications networks to manage exponential growth in data originating from all kinds of sources. Manufacturers want to master the art of making data speak so they can increase their productivity and reduce operational costs.

The evolution of industrial technologies is leading companies into the Industry 4.0 era, but care must be taken. This convergence of information technology (IT) and operating technology (OT) comes with its share of risks and must be supported by rigorous strategies and proven methods.

Your challenges are complex…

Modernizing your control systems and telecommunications networks should not mean hindering operational continuity. Migrating to new industrial IT and operating technologies should have as little effect as possible on your operators, who must adapt quickly, or on your systems, which have to work flawlessly.

To integrate the latest control, automation, industrial IT and telecommunications solutions into your facilities, you must have a clear implementation strategy that includes a rigorous methodology. This strategy must adapt to the context of your facilities and has to reflect associated risks. Ultimately, you’ll increase your productivity and make your work environment safer.

Your challenges:

  • Choose and efficiently integrate industrial IT and OT that meet your needs
  • Implement a reliable, efficient and secure telecommunications network
  • Analyze the available information and make your data speak
  • Assess the vulnerability of your systems so you can protect them adequately
  • Minimize and simplify human intervention
  • Optimize operator interfaces and manage alarms
  • Secure your investments through risk mitigation
  • Manage expertise retirement and the shortage of qualified individuals

Our team can help!

Our experts offer customized replacement solutions and industrial technologies adapted to your needs, along with simplified operator interfaces that safely minimize human interventions. With our sophisticated analysis tools, we can accurately gauge the expected benefits before implementing proposed solutions.

Integration is in our bones. Regardless of the project, our solutions are based on validating manufacturer equipment, proof of concept, lab tests and our increased presence during rollout at client sites.

Our solutions:

  • Facility evaluation and audits
  • Design and optimization of industrial IT and OT infrastructures
  • Integration, upgrade and migration of control systems (PLC, DCS)
  • Use of conversion methods for a new control system
  • Control network virtualization and simulation
  • Performance monitoring and asset management
  • Pre-operational verification and commissioning
  • Personnel training


  • Telecommunications networks
  • Human-machine interface (HMI) and data historian
  • Industrial IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Key performance indicators and dashboard
  • Alarm rationalization and management
  • IEC 62443 standard
  • Instrumentation


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