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About BBA | Quality and improvement

Quality and improvement

In accordance with its mission and values, BBA has adopted quality management as the cornerstone of its activities. The pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of our services is an ongoing process that is integral to our operations.


Our general objective is complete client satisfaction. Achieving and maintaining such an objective require that we establish, achieve and renew our improvement objectives based on our clients' level of satisfaction, which is assessed through the following four criteria:


1. Technical capacity

2. Quality of documentation

3. Management capacity

4. Business relations


These specific improvement objectives are reviewed each year by management.


With respect to the quality of our services, we are committed to taking appropriate measures to provide our employees with the means to satisfy our clients' expectations.

In addition to complying with related laws, regulations and standards to fulfill this commitment, we prioritize actions such as:

  • Maintaining, improving and assessing our business processes
  • Involving and training all our employees, as well as raising their awareness and fostering their accountability
  • Requiring that experts review deliverables
  • Empowering our employees to participate in the continuous improvement process for quality

General Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors sets the orientations and endorses the formal commitment made in this policy.


It is the President's duty to implement, apply and use the appropriate discipline and means to maintain this policy.


The management representative and the Department Manager, Quality and Improvement, must show leadership and hold the authority to:

  • Supervise the application of this policy within BBA
  • Ensure that processes are established, implemented and maintained
  • Report on how the system is working and the need for improvement
  • Ensure that attentiveness to client requirements is encouraged throughout the organization

Project Managers are the keepers of this policy, and each Project Manager has the obligation and authority to ensure the policy is applied by qualified personnel trained for the work to be carried out within the scope of their projects.

Employees undertake to comply with and apply the policy, processes, procedures and regulations as well as the preventive or corrective actions required to carry out their duties.


Our subcontractors and suppliers adhere to these same commitments under their contracts.


André Allaire, Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D.