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About BBA | Mission and values

Mission and values

BBA has maintained a steadfast focus on its mission since the firm was founded. Our organizational culture is imbued with values that have stood the test of time and that guide our decisions from day to day. At BBA, these values are more than just words: they are part of everything we do and are apparent to clients and the broader public alike.


Our Vision

We intend to solidify and preserve our position as a firm focused on expertise with an acute business sense, where clients choose us based on the added value we provide. Our organization will be the firm of choice for the clients we serve throughout Canada and abroad.


Our Mission  

To assemble and develop a team with advanced technological expertise to provide leading-edge engineering solutions, from project definition to commissioning. We work cooperatively with our clients to maximize their return on investment.


Our Values  

BBA promotes sound organizational values. Our employees proudly support these values.

  • Health, Safety and Environment

Our focus on the health and safety of our employees and clients is central to how we do business. It's a principle that guides our choices and decisions from day to day. We work diligently to eliminate or manage health and safety risks while caring for the environment-a responsibility we all share at BBA.

  • Respect

Respect and fairness are at the heart of our dealings with colleagues, clients, suppliers and business partners. We show flexibility and recognize the importance of fulfilling our commitments.

  • Accountability

At BBA, every team member is accountable for the firm's results and has the passion to succeed and the determination to take on new challenges. Employees are expected to kindle their own desire to grow and to put in the effort they need to attain that growth.

  • Service Excellence

Our firm commits to maintaining a long-term business relationship with its clients. In delivering services, our priorities include quality, speed and efficiency. Employees are expected to be available and mobile to support the firm in achieving its objectives while respecting the budgets and schedules of our clients.

  • Teamwork

We are committed to mutual support in the workplace and understand how critical it is to our success. In all circumstances, we maintain a climate of trust and cooperation. This same attitude is brought to bear with our clients, since we see ourselves as members of their team. Together we foster an environment conducive to open communication, knowledge sharing and collaborative expertise.

BBA at a glance

BBA at a glance

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