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International Projects

International projects require a close control and management of crucial variables such as delivery times and costs, as well as the coordination of geographically dispersed teams. This type of experience cannot be improvised. It is acquired over time and in the field.


BBA has this experience and expertise. We have accompanied our clients on several foreign missions and have demonstrated our ability to provide the same level of quality that characterizes our Canadian projects.  Our team of engineers and other experts enjoys an international reputation that is recognized by our clients and by international lenders. 


BBA's international work includes projects in the following sectors: 

  • Private and public electrical power production
  • Mining and metals
  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemicals and petroleum products
  • Aluminium smelters

Our experts are actively involved in the various phases of our international projects: 



  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning and preliminary engineering
  • Geology - Exploration
  • Due diligence
  • Financial analyses  


  • Specialized studies
  • Design and detailed engineering  

Project delivery 

  • Construction supervision
  • Project management and procurement
  • Testing and commissioning  


  • Training and maintenance programs
  • Technical operational assistance
  • Plant rehabilitation and start-up
  • Performance monitoring and process optimization

The many projects we have successfully completed abroad include: 

  • Network studies, planning and development of urban and rural electrification master plans
  • Rehabilitation studies for electrical power transmission and distribution systems
  • Mining plans
  • Commissioning of medium and high voltage facilities, thermal plant and hydroelectric plants
  • Optimization of metallurgical processes
  • Design and expansion of mineral processing plants
  • Due diligence review of electrical power, mining and metallurgical projects


Consult our experts 

For the best return on your international projects, call on the expertise of our professionals who are keenly aware of the challenges that are typical of foreign assignments.


We can carry out your projects in EPCM mode (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management), or assist you as your technical advisors.


Jérôme Pelletier



Jérôme Pelletier, P.Eng.

(450) 464-2111

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