Transmission and Distribution

Engineering for the addition of a de-icer at the Lévis substation
    Lévis, Québec, Canada
    Civil, electrical implementation and control


The Lévis substation project consists of building a de-icing system for three 735 kV lines and two 315 kV lines, using a static compensator providing a source of 7200 A at a voltage of ± 18 kV c.c. The project includes the installation of new equipment in the conventional substation, such as 13 disconnecting switches of 735 and 315 kV, two circuit breakers of 22 kV and three voltage transformers, as well as the replacement of two 600 V circuit breaker boxes at the outlet of the auxiliary service transformer, and the installation of required control and protection equipment.


The work on electrical controls includes the following activities:

  • Design of 10 new control and protection panels including the new 315 kV bus-tie protections, the ALCID de-icing system, the controls and the faultograph
  • Design of two control junction boxes for circuit breakers and disconnect switches
  • Modification of existing panels and junction boxes
  • Preparing all tender documents, manufacturing control and protection panels
  • Preparing all required documents for the call for tenders regarding construction work

 The electrical implementation work includes the following activities:

  • 3D electrical implementation study (AutoCAD)
  • Production of drawings using "Catia" software
  • As-built drawing at the site
  • Preparing all electrical implementation documents required for addition and disassembly;
  • Verification of shop drawings                        

The civil work includes the following activities:

  • Calculations regarding drainage, steel structures and foundations
  • Preparing all steel structure drawings for supply purposes
  • Preparing all civil documents required for addition and disassembly
  • Verification of shop drawings
  • Technical assistance during construction