Energy Management Systems

Communication study
    Mississagi River, Ontario, Canada
    Brookfield Power Corporation, Mississagi Power Trust (MPT)
    Communication Study
    Automation, networking and telecommunication


Mississagi Power Trust (MPT) owns and operates 4 hydroelectric generating stations on the Mississagi River. These generating stations are locally operated from the MPT Algoma Service Center and remotely operated from a control center in Sault Ste. Marie.

BBA's mandate was to review, recommend, install and commission a communication infrastructure associated within these facilities in light of evolving standards, market rules and other business drivers. The communication is to improve the reliability, be redundant and use the latest network and communication technology available. The complete project management was carried out by BBA.

The scope of work included the following elements:

  • Performance and reliability assessment of existing operational and administrative networks and comparisons with IESO, industry and corporate standards
  • Assessment of security of existing network and recommendation of the new network
  • Implementation of a communication ring in Algoma district led by JungleMUX and coupled by cellular modem and satellite link for backup purpose
  • Testing, installation and commissioning of the communication equipment and network monitoring