Wind Power

Wind Operations portal
    Houston, Texas, USA
    BP Wind Energy North America Inc.
    IT Development and Integration



BBA was a subcontractor of iTi (Inexcon Technologies Inc.) for the first phase of BP's U.S. wind operations portal. This included development and implementation of several operations reports, performance dashboards and a downtime event editor based on the iTi's Ekho solution and integrated into BP's Sharepoint Wind portal. Ekho is an interactive Web solution using the latest MS Silverlight technology.



  • Analysis and architecture development
    • Review BP's requirements and functional analysis documents
    • Prepare a detailed specification document
    • Carry out conceptual design of the system architecture
    • Carry out conceptual design of the Ekho models and data structures
  • Configuration and pre-testing
    • Install a development environment
    • Configure Ekho models, data structures, KPI calculations, security access parameters, reports and dashboard web pages
  • Remote installation in the BP environment, testing and training




The first phase of the project was completed in two months, from receipt of the PO to delivery. Over 100 different KPIs, 21 reports, 5 dashboard web pages and one event editor were configured and deployed within this tight schedule, along with preparation of a detailed, 150-page specification document.