Energy Management Systems

National system control center
    Canada and USA
    Brookfield Renewable Power Inc
    Automation, Industrial IT and Telecommunications Engineering


Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. (BRPI) owns and operates electric generating stations. BRPI decided to consolidate remote control, status and telemetry monitoring functionalities for all generating facilities owned and/or operated in the USA and Canada at National System Control Centers.


BBA's mandate consisted of the coordination and engineering required to finalize the concept, perform the detailed design and implement two National Control Centers, one in Canada and one in the USA, in order to consolidate the six existing control centers spread throughout North America.


  • Manage and coordinate project
  • Coordinate the tender process and RFP activities as well as recommendations
  • Review and support the activities of selected suppliers
  • Design and implement redundant, NERC-compliant communication infrastructure
  • Prepare detailed engineering, drawings, hardware and software specifications
  • Implement communication gateways at the regional hub for data collection and protocol conversion
  • Configure servers and databases
  • Implement redundant PI historians
  • Observe and/or carry out factory acceptance tests and site acceptance tests
  • Coordinate site preparation
  • Perform and/or supervise testing, installation and commissioning of the communication and automation equipment


  • The client is now able to oversee and control hydroelectric power plants in a centralized manner and in compliance with NERC requirements.
  • BBA won a consulting engineering award for the project in 2011 (Grands prix du génie conseil québécois) in the Telecommunications and New Technologies category.