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About BBA | Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

BBA is concerned about its impact on the environment and shows how serious it is about its position through solid actions such as investing in high performance energy efficient equipment and promoting the use of environmental technologies to clients and internally.


These efforts encourage us to persevere in the pursuit of our objectives and, with our expertise, help our clients attain their environmental policy.



  • Reduce our environmental impact;
  • Complete and maintain records without any environmental incident within the scope of our projects and interventions carried out at our clients' premises;
  • Listen to the needs of our clients and propose solutions that meet the highest environmental standards.


Whether in engineering or as a corporate citizen, we are committed to taking measures required to inform our staff of means to minimize environmental risks.


Besides complying with the laws, regulations and standards on the matter, in order to achieve this commitment, among other things, we give priority to actions such as:

  • Monitoring the evolution of environmentally friendly technologies within the sectors in which we operate;
  • Promoting good environmental practices and the responsible use of natural resources to our clients;
  • Integrating an environmental risk analysis in the design review;
  • Involving and consulting our experts when executing projects;
  • Raising awareness, fostering accountability and training employees;
  • Disseminating information to our employees and partners.

General Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors provides guidelines and endorses the commitment of the environmental policy.


It is the President and CEO's duty to ensure the implementation, execution and use of discipline and of proper means to maintain this policy.


The Project Manager is the keeper of this policy and has the obligation and authority to have it implemented by qualified personnel, trained for work to be carried out within the scope of their projects.


Employee agrees to comply with and apply the policy, processes and procedures as well as preventive or corrective actions required to complete their tasks responsibly.


Our subcontractors and suppliers adhere to these same commitments with respect to their contracts.


André Allaire, Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D.




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