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Electricity plays a major role in our everyday lives. Who can do without it? The same goes for industry. Without electricity, how can ore be extracted from a mine, bauxite be transformed into aluminium, or molecules be recombined to refine crude oil into consumable products? And especially, how can these be carried out while maximizing the operational continuity, reliability of equipment safety of personnel, all while optimizing investment and operation costs?


BBA's electrical engineering group has been responding to these questions for over 25 years. The group is composed of over 100 professionals, making it one of the largest high value-added electrical engineering service providers in Canada.  


Initiated by engineers formerly with Shawinigan Engineering, this team was developed through a novel approach of integrating recent university graduates, whose experience and expertise evolved rapidly, and thus contributed to BBA's growth.


As a result, the scope of services provided by the electrical engineering team grew. Although the team's initial services mainly encompassed the commissioning of systems and specialized studies, new specialties were steadily added over the years, including detailed engineering, construction supervision, project management, and EPCM project mode.


One fact remains: maintaining our market niche relies on new emerging professionals. This is why we place great importance on our young recruits' development, which we entrust to our experienced professionals for their guidance through the many challenges offered by our clients. In turn, our young recruits become seasoned professionals who will guide tomorrow's new recruits, and thereby ensuring the firm's growth and succession. We can therefore assist you in all your activities by proposing a combination of resources that will contribute to the success of your projects. 


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If you are looking for superior performance in electrical engineering, call on the expertise of our professionals who will advise you on the best technological solutions for your needs.


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electrical engieneering

Electrical engieneering

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Arc Flash Hazard Analyses

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