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Working at BBA

Many exciting challenges and a friendly atmosphere: an ideal combination!

The vision of BBA's founders was always to impress everyone who would join the team. We can proudly say... mission accomplished! This is evidenced by the many awards BBA has received as part of Best Employers in Canada. This is but one example of our many initiatives to keep BBA attractive to existing and future employees.


Seven reasons why our employees chose BBA  

From the very start, BBA has maintained a privileged and close relationship with its employees, which makes it very easy to determine how we can make their work both challenging and interesting. When we asked them why they would recommend BBA to potential candidates, this is what we learned:


1. A clear and engaging corporate mission

BBA's mission is to assemble and develop a highly skilled team with the aim of providing intelligent and leading-edge engineering solutions, from a project's definition to its successful completion and commissioning. We work in close collaboration with our clients in order to maximize their investments.


2. Values that prevail in all our daily activities

BBA's employees share the company's fundamental values such as respect, commitment, team spirit, collaboration and accountability.  


3. A friendly atmosphere

BBA's employees, men and women of different cultures and generations, all work in an atmosphere of friendship and close collaboration, which promotes a dynamic working environment.  


4. A warm welcome

Welcoming our new employees to make them feel at home from day one is always a priority. We make a point of making them feel that they joined a family, and we always officially underscore their arrival.  


5. A feeling of equality throughout the firm

Young and more experienced employees, juniors and seniors, all enjoy equal status. Younger employees benefit from the transfer of knowledge from our experts and long-standing employees who in turn readily share their experience and expertise with their less experienced colleagues who are eager to learn.


6. Leading-edge training and work tools

We create conditions that support our mission, i.e. the development of high-level expertise.


7. A variety of challenges

BBA's clients represent several areas of activity, which promotes multidisciplinarity among our employees. Also, our employees are given the opportunity to work both in the office and on project sites, which enriches their experience.



Does this make you feel you'd like to work at BBA?  Discover our career opportunities and join a consulting engineering firm that is proud of its values and its employees!


BBA is proud to be an equal opportunity employer


BBA EPCM project to upgrade a Canadian mining company’s electrical installations

BBA at a glance

BBA at a glance


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